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  • Shotokan Karate

    Shotokan Karate JKA - the largest karate organisation in the world

  • Dedicated professional team

    Everything you would need in this martial arts centre to become a champion, with the right direction it can work for you!

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  • COVID safe learning is here!

    COVID-19 is changing everything in the world right now, but we are rising to the challenge. We are constantly developing new and innovative ways to engage in martial arts while still keeping our community safe. Our current classes running in a COVID safe environment are: JKA TSKD Ryukonkai

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  • Ryukonkai Kobudo

    Okinawan Weapons Sai Bo Nunchaku Tuifa Tekko Kama


Lil Warriors kickboxing

Lil Warriors Kickboxing is designed for the kids who want to learn the basic fundamentals of kickboxing and get a good start. Kids will improve on their gross motor skills cardio vascular fitness and learn to defend themselves while having fun ..